About Gentoo

Welcome to a site of stories! My name is Joshua, the Story Telling Gentoo, and I have a passion for story telling. Story telling is an amazing way to entertain, educate, and bind social circles.

Aside from story telling, when asked what I do, I always answer “I’m a gamer.” I don’t do that for a living (though I’d love it if I could). Table top gaming, board gaming, card gaming, computer gaming, console gaming, all of gaming brings people together and can share stories together.

I’m not a great writer, though I enjoy talking. In real life, I perform the role of a team lead in a huge Information Technology company (>3,000 people). Now, my team is only 12 in size, so it’s fairly easy. It’s like being a manager, without the responsibility :-)

I also teach classes, do speaking engagements (40-150 people), and doing more intimate training on an individual and a team level. Most recently I’ve been helping teams with Kanban principles, and related Agile Methodologies.

My goal is to spread stories: fiction, my personal stories, the stories of others, great historical stories, nursery rhymes, fairy tales, tales from fairies, and so much more!

I also want to hear your stories. Even if you’re not a storyteller, we can entertain each other.